Reviews and Testimonials

Grace booked with KitchAcademy as a birthday present for Rick

Grace booked with KitchAcademy as a birthday present for Rick

Rick Gibson, Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Had a great birthday celebration with Kristina Jones, KitchAcademy. Her new business is Culinary Companion and she taught Grace and I how to make sushi. We had a great time and will have her back in the future to try out other recipes.

Jennifer was able to have dinner going and only had to do a quick saute on the green beans right before dinner time.

Jennifer was able to have dinner going and only had to do a quick saute on the green beans right before dinner time.

Jennifer Douglas, Thumbtack Review

Kristina was very relaxing to cook with. I loved that she sent me the grocery list several days before. I work most days so having someone give me a shopping list was wonderful. Our 1st dish was Osso Bucco and it was delicious. Next up...a few twists on pounded, stuffed chicken!

Making Chicken Piccata with Bobbi. She paired it with a yummy white wine.

Making Chicken Piccata with Bobbi. She paired it with a yummy white wine.

Bobbi Jane, March 2018

"Kristina teaches that healthy cooking does not need to be a sacrifice of flavor. Her recipes are easy to replicate and the cooking tips are practical. Kristina is a wonderful resource for everyone who wants to eat better or learn how to expand their cooking skills. "


Justin and Cathy Alvis, September 2018

”We approached Kristina because my wife was dealing with a serious health issue that required her to go on the paleo diet as well as deal with other allergy restrictions. I was at my wits end trying to cook 3 super healthy meals a day and that tasted good. So a friend recommended Kristina.
She was a great help in introducing us to new ways to cook food healthier and then actually helping/teaching us how to so we had a dinner ready to eat after each meeting. We met in our own kitchen which was also a big help as I really could not leave my wife for very long at a time.
We still make many of the recipes and utilize the techniques she showed us. Our favorite is the enchilada recipe with a homemade sauce we love. Have it almost once a week still. The best part was having at least one night a week that I did not have to research and try a new recipe on my own, and then have enough for a couple nights of dinner.
Kristina is very nice and patient and very easy to work with and learn from. 
I would recommend her to anyone who would like to learn how to shop for and cook healthy meals, whether for preventative measures or a must for a current health issue. What she teaches can be integrated into all cooking going forward and we learned a lot from her.
Through this experience and everything we learned battling through this health issue has taught us that food and nutrition play a much more important role in how well are bodies are able to function that we ever thought. You can take the doctors medicine, but it is the diet that makes the body recover itself.
Thanks for everything.”


Cynthia, August 2018 Cooking Party

I approached Kristina with KitchAcademy because I had a question regarding a recipe.
Kristina helped me by answering a question I had when preparing an appetizer. The result was a successful outcome!
One thing I liked was that Kristina was willing to share tricks of the trade. Plus, she would explain what needed to be done and allowed us to do it. I found the experience fun and very enjoyable! I Enjoyed  interacting with the other participants during the preparation of the meal and while eating  the meal.
I would recommend Kristina at KitchAcademy to people who need a fun, relaxed evening of hands on cooking experience with  a chef. I plan on preparing some of the recipes at my next dinner gathering.


Barbara Taylor, August 2018 Cooking Party

Such a wonderful evening. All arranged completely by Kristina.  We laughed and chopped and stirred and sipped a bit of wine.  The final meal was better than ever expected.  We continue to use her recipes with great success.


Robin Borok, August 2018 Cooking Party

Some friends met Kristina at another venue and signed up to host a private cooking party.  I was invited to join the group and we had a blast!!  Kristina is extremely well organized.  We had an appetizer to cook, a salad to make, two main dishes to cook, one with a sauce, one served atop vegetables, and a dessert to make.  A shopping list was prepared by Kristina and each of us signed up for what to bring on cooking day.  Beginning three hours before eating, each task was organized for the first, second or third hour, each of us signing up for tasks we wanted to do prior to arrival on cooking day.  We had wine to sip and plenty of laughter and fun as we prepared our meal.  Everything turned out delicious - I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Kristina showed me how to fry fish skin to make it crispy.  I learned how to make the curry sauce that was served over the fish.  I have made that sauce since then at home and my husband loved it.  It was a really fun way to spend time with girlfriends and participate in that which we all love:  cooking!!  Thanks, Kristina!!